You are throwing a party. You put time and money into organizing it. Good food, good drink, and nice surroundings.

Hosting a party is a lot of work. The guests are numerous. You cannot spend much time with everyone. Consequently, some of your guests do not socialize, speaking only to the people they already know. They turn into wallflowers. No one meets anyone new. Everyone eats, everyone drinks, and eventually they leave, bored.

Brilliant. F***ing brilliant.
— Paul Haggis, Academy Award Winning Screenwriter and Director

We can't let this happen. If it does, friends don't meet for the first time. Life-long business contacts are not made. Your party will soon be forgotten, or worse, remembered as sub-par. I am in the business of making your event entertaining and memorable.

By giving strangers a shared experience, they have something to talk about. They become bonded in the memory of a powerful moment in their lives. I put your guests at ease and give them the ultimate icebreaker.


I specialize in performing at parties, galas, banquets, and the like. When you're holding a black tie event, or a cocktail party, or even just a barbecue, you need entertainment that raises the tone, sets the mood, and keeps your guests entertained. This is what I provide.

I know as much about throwing parties as I do about magic. I know what strategies will make things run smoothly. I know how many people can fit in a space without becoming uncomfortable. I take special care in handling people with disabilities, or any special needs, care which reflects well on you, the host. It isn't enough simply to perform magic. Magic is just a tool. The purpose of having a magician at a party is to show everyone a good time, and that is a lot bigger than doing card tricks.

My magic even helps out  when your event goes awry.  When the kitchen falls behind, or the guest of honor takes his or her time to appear, I keep your guests from caring about any of that. When so many people have crowded around the bar that getting drinks is unpleasant, I'll draw people away from the bar. I've even occupied dangerously drunk party guests while the cab the host organized comes to collect them.

When you have me at your side, your staff can get their act together, your front of house can reboot the computer with the reservations on it, or the bride and groom can take a little longer to get changed. When your guests never know what is happening behind the scenes, your event will proceed as smoothly as a professional magic show.

I perform for charities including Rock and Rawhide, The Make a Wish Foundation, The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, and America Needs You. I've performed at 54 Below, The Metropolitan RoomA Taste of MagicMuseum Hack, and a host of venues from London England to a mountainside wedding in Jackson Hole.

I am a member of The Magic Circle, the most exclusive magic society in the world.


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His close-up magic is astounding, and creates a memorable experience for your guests. I believe that Mark’s rate is very reasonable, considering how much value he can add to an event, and would strongly encourage you to consider him for your next party.
— Julie Chen, Activities Manager, The Yale Club NYC
Working with Mark was great as he was able to develop a new concept for an artwork which I would have not been able to embark on before.
— Yinka Shonibare, MBE, RA
Mark Philip Lichtenstein completely rocks.
— Kylie Edmond, Rock & Rawhide
Mark Lichtenstein performed at our wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Several months later our friends still get excited talking about his magic. Many wedding guests commented in their thank you letters that they were blown away by his memorable metal bending and mind reading. We found Mark professional and charming, and would recommend him to anyone. He would certainly be a highlight of any party where he performs.
— Brian M. Fenty, Executive Chairman, Todaytix.com
We’re still scratching our heads as to how he seemed to defy the laws of nature right in front of us. Having a magician is a really great talking point at a party, creating a lasting memory. Mark is a great guy and we certainly look forward to our next opportunity to see him in action.
— Mrs. Judy Hamilton & Mr. Douglas A. P. Hamilton, Managing Partner, Hamilton Investment Partners
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