A Taste of Magic is a one of a kind magic show open to the public.  In the comfort of a restaurant in Manhattan's Theatre District, patrons enjoy a series of close up performances done at their table by our stable of performers.  We construct each performance of A Taste of Magic so no table gets the same sort of magic twice.  We have card magicians, mind readers, coin magicians and of course, psychokinetic entertainers.  With a few magicians who rotate in and out when their tour passes through New York, there is an immense variety of acts, so no two visits will be quite the same.

While I do not perform with A Taste of Magic as often as I used to, I do periodically join the show to experiment with material, and feel out audiences.

This was a great show! It’s nice to have an experience like this in New York. Top-grade magic in a private setting. Very witty and funny, with a devilish dark streak. The food was good and everyone had a blast.
— Yelp Reviewer Misha S.
We had a great time. The magic was amazing and we felt like we were the only people in the place.
— Yelp Reviewer Sandy B.
The magicians are GOOD. While there were some kids there- this is an all-ages show. I think I shrieked ‘what?!? how’d you do that?!!’ at least three dozen times. Not only are they good at their tricks, but they are very personable (introducing themselves, shaking your hand, and have funny stories to go along with their magic). I know there were more - but big thanks to Noah and Eli and Eric and Mark for being super awesome.
— Yelp Reviewer Christine L.