Working with Mark was great as he was able to develop a new concept for an artwork which I would have not been able to embark on before.
— Yinka Shonibare, MBE, RA

I consult for stage, screen, and beyond. I teach actors to look like experienced magicians, or in some cases, the "real thing."  In 2015 I developed a bespoke illusion (as covered by The Wall Street Journal) for installation artist Yinka Shonibare MBE, RA. I can be retained in my capacity as a teacher, consultant, or inventor.

Magic is a gift we give our audience. Magic is colored by the performer's personality, their natural gifts, and finally the areas of prestidigitation upon which they have chosen to focus their studies. All magic performance an extension of the personality of the performer.  Thus, the trick isn't the magic; the magic is you. I work with my clients to find their strengths as performers and work from there. Not every magician is the wise cracking card sharp, or the mysterious mustachioed mentalist.  In fact no magician, no person, should try to be anyone other than their best self.

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