The Nature of My Act

Lately a lot of my magician friends have been arguing about premise, specifically how to make it clear to one's audience that we are, in the end, actors pretending to have supernatural abilities of one sort or another.  We discussed such arcane measures as a formal disclaimer, either at the beginning or the end of one's show. We talked about context: if one is performing on a stage, as with a film, it is clear that this is theater.  We discussed persona, and the possibility that one could perform in such a way that makes it clear one is winking at one's audience. 

I think I've found the cleanest solution.  Here it is: I am a magician.  Though I pretend I have magical powers, such things do not exist and I am not a charlatan who will lay claim to special knowledge of gods, or other beings or forces that facilitate supernormal power.  I do what I do, as any professional does; via years of practice in obscure skills that to the uninitiated, appear supernatural in origin.

There, I said it.  Now, let's have a little fun pretending I didn't say any of that... ;-)