Developing New Effects

As most magicians do, I am developing some new effects.  Taking on an idea in its primordial stage should always begin with the ideal effect, as though one really had magic powers, and work towards the method from there.

What has me writing about this is a recent conversation I had with a friend who was discussing a business idea with me.  His plan works backwards from the chicken and egg "how do we get the money" part to the actual meat and potatoes "what am I selling" part.  If there's no there there, there's nothing to go to an investor with.  It is important to remember that in any endeavor, magic, business or otherwise, one should start from the point of inspiration; the pure idea, first.  Only once you have your secret sauce worked out should you then move on to the mechanical portion of the business.  If the reason for the project's existence isn't fully explored, then there is no reason for anyone to invest money, time, or otherwise.  Start from your true inspiration and you'll find yourself making miracles.