Magic Principles in Film and Vice Versa

The earliest film makers were magicians.  No, really.  The idea was to create an illusion, a "moving image"  was enough of a draw.  Imagine if you could tell a story with a playing card or a floating bottle cap.  Suddenly that could become a major medium, like movies or TV.  Except, it was movies and TV that became those media.  Likewise, there are methods in film meant to psychologically manipulate the viewer into a particular point of view, or into a particular take on a series of events, that mirror methods used in magic.  In this short film, both are in use.  This film was a hit at several horror and science fiction film festivals, despite the total lack of nudity, violence, swear words, or blood.  It's all in the methods of controlling perspective,  and how that makes the viewer feel.  Order of information is as important as the information itself, and thus the order of shots and what information is included in those shots determines the impact a film, or a magic trick, will have.