Some Classic Stuff

This is a video I made a few years back (before HD was really a thing you could do online) with my buddy and fellow magician Kent Axell.  Since magicians and psychics use a lot of the same methods, I wanted to see if by reverse engineering a psychic's methods I could gain his or her confidence, manipulate him or her into a set of assumptions, and use those assumptions to pull a magical prank.  I had set up three cameras in the room (I won't go into how, but it was all legal) however without knowing what I was up to, she made me sit in front of one and one of the other two malfunctioned, leaving me with only one camera angle to use, the one built into a necktie.  Either way, it's a fantastic experiment.  I've subtitled it so you can more easily understand what's being said.  It is also worth mentioning that claiming actual supernatural insight in this manner, "fortune telling", is illegal in New York, where this was shot.  Houdini petitioned the government to pass a law and there used to be a special unit in the NYPD called "The Gypsy Unit" that went after fraudsters of this type.  On my first visit, she told me my aura was damaged and needed fixing, and that for $150 she'd do it.  That's an old scam, so I went for it, paid her the money and then, once "cured" told her that my cousin was having similar problems.  She essentially begged me to bring this sucker cousin of mine in, and so this is where we begin this video.